Terms of Service


At Ressler Chiropractic Inc. (“Ressler Chiropractic”) our mission is to provide patients easier ways to communicate online.


We take patient privacy seriously and take all reasonable precautions with both our software and websites to ensure HIPAA compliance. This Terms of Service also incorporates by reference the Ressler Chiropractic Privacy Policy.



Ressler Chiropractic does NOT endorse any particular search result, medical practice, doctor, consultant, medications, medical devices, pharmaceutical products, health plans or insurance services that are listed on Ressler Chiropractic websites or that appear through the use of Ressler Chiropractic Software.






1. Definitions


"Personal Health Information" is data supplied by Patient Users that details name, email, phone number, address, questions of a medical nature.


"Ressler Chiropractic Software" is defined as any application provided by Ressler Chiropractic which acts as a messaging, content collection & delivery or marketing system.


"Patient User" is defined as a person or persons using Ressler Chiropractic websites or software to research, communicate with, or receive messages from Ressler Chiropractic .


"User Generated Content" is defined as any content that is created by or uploaded by Patient Users.


"Users" mean Patient Users, Advertisers or Organizations using Ressler Chiropractic websites and Ressler Chiropractic software.


2. How Ressler Chiropractic Uses PHI


While we may take Patient User personal data and PHI as an aggregate collection of data for marketing, messaging and analytics purposes, Ressler Chiropractic does not reveal your personal data or PHI to the public, unless specifically requested to do so by the Patient User.


3. Reviews Policy


Ressler Chiropractic does not endorse, validate as accurate, or necessarily agree with any of the reviews and other User Generated Content from Patient Users left on Ressler Chiropractic websites or through Ressler Chiropractic Software.


Ressler Chiropractic may attempt to have a live human read submitted reviews, and those that may be deemed by our editorial staff to be libelous, inaccurate, pornographic, spammy, inflammatory or lack correct email or other requested contact information may be denied publication onto our websites or through Ressler Chiropractic Software. This review process may take up to 72 business hours. Ressler Chiropractic does not guarantee that a human will read every review. Ressler Chiropractic does not warranty the validity or accuracy of any review nor does it support, sponsor or endorse any review as the opinions of Ressler Chiropractic.


All communications are attempted to be transmitted securely and are only seen by Ressler Chiropractic staff, employees or associates, but Ressler Chiropractic does not guarantee the HIPAA compliancy or security of any message sent or received using Ressler Chiropractic web pages or Ressler Chiropractic Software.


Patients may request removal of their reviews at any time by emailing the review to inbox@wbchiro.com with the subject line: "Remove Review."


Ressler Chiropractic does not permit the use of 3rd party services to post reviews on behalf of Patient Users.


4. Callback, Email, Text Message, and Information & Appointment Requests


When requesting a callback or communicating through Ressler Chiropractic, Patient Users are agreeing that their information may be transmitted to Ressler Chiropractic in order to be contacted by Ressler Chiropractic for human assistance should they request it, as well as to be stored in a database on the Ressler Chiropractic's behalf for record-keeping & documentation. Your information will not be sold or shared with any other 3rd party entity except for the Ressler Chiropractic and their employees or associates, and every reasonable security measure will be taken to ensure the integrity and privacy of information and communications.


While Ressler Chiropractic may attempt to aggregate multiple sources of publicly available information, Patient Users agree that it is the responsibility of the Patient Users to verify the abilities, licensure or board-certification of any medical practice, healthcare product, medical device, healthcare provider, insurance product & services or consultant appearing on Ressler Chiropractic websites or on Ressler Chiropractic Software. Patient Users agree to hold Ressler Chiropractic and its employees & owners harmless from any damages that may result from the use of the information listed on our websites or through the use of Ressler Chiropractic Software.


Messages to Ressler Chiropractic are sent through Ressler Chiropractic Software and such messages can only be seen by Ressler Chiropractic. Ressler Chiropractic does NOT sell, share, or make public such communications unless that Patient User explicitly asks us to or gives permission to by making their posts or reviews public on Ressler Chiropractic websites and/or 3rd party websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google by use of Ressler Chiropractic Software, or if Patient Users request that their medical information be sent to another party for referral purposes.


5. HIPAA Security & Compliance


Ressler Chiropractic adheres to Federal HIPAA compliance standards and uses 128 bit encryption or 256 bit encryption on all forms pages where visitors would submit personal data or personal health information (PHI). However, HIPAA privacy and information security are NOT guaranteed.


6. Cookies


In some instances, and when visiting certain pages of our websites, Ressler Chiropractic websites may need to install cookies to improve the user experience or employ some of the security or marketing features of our websites.


7. Registration


Visitors can register with any of Ressler Chiropractic's websites without cost or obligation. Visitor registration is defined as when a visitor uses one of our secure website forms to contact Ressler Chiropractic to request more information, to request pricing, or to request a callback from Ressler Chiropractic staff.


8. Newsletters, SMS and Email Notifications


Ressler Chiropractic's websites may occasionally send email or SMS information to Patient Users regarding upcoming events from either Ressler Chiropractic or from a 3rd party advertising through Ressler Chiropractic. Ressler Chiropractic is not responsible for any SMS or data charges incurred from such communications.

Ressler Chiropractic Software and Ressler Chiropractic may initiate telephone transmission to contact our registered visitors for appointment reminders, patient consultations, insurance plan coverage consultations, or to relay changes to our Terms & Conditions.


Should Ressler Chiropractic be involved in a sale, merger or acquisition, we would notify our registered visitors and registered users to any changes to the Terms & Conditions.


9. Links to 3rd Party Websites & Resources


Ressler Chiropractic's websites may list 3rd party websites and resources that are not affiliated with Ressler Chiropractic or its family of websites. Such 3rd party websites and resources are listed to provide access to publicly available information to our website visitors and registered visitors & users.


Ressler Chiropractic does NOT verify, validate, or support any of these 3rd party websites or resources, nor do we necessarily AGREE with, endorse, or support the opinions of the content on any 3rd party website or resource.


Ressler Chiropractic may, at its sole discretion, place 3rd party websites in an "i-Frame" that allows our website visitors to surf other websites while having a Ressler Chiropractic "toolbar" placed above or to the side of the 3rd party website.


10. Use of Ressler Chiropractic Software


Patient Users agree not to attempt to break, reverse engineer, install Trojan horses, spam or copy Ressler Chiropractic Software.


Ressler Chiropractic Software may extract PHI from Ressler Chiropractic database(s) in order to send Patient Users appointment reminders, re-care messages, birthday messages and other messaging related to patient care.


Ressler Chiropractic will receive permission from Patient Users in order to message them in accord with HIPAA, State and Federal regulations and in accord with the CANSPAM Act.


Patient Users AGREE that Ressler Chiropractic and its employees and owners will be held harmless from any bugs, errors, system downtime, integration or extraction errors, damages of any kind, or any communication errors resulting from the use of Ressler Chiropractic websites or Ressler Chiropractic Software.


11. Request of Removal from Ressler Chiropractic Websites


Requests for Patient Users to be removed from our listing may be requested at info at inbox@wbchiro.com.

or fax us a letter at 650-615-9069 or by mail at:

Ressler Chiropractic-Removal

1133 El Camino Real

Suite 7

South San Francisco, CA 94080


12. 3rd Party Reviews & Opinions


Ressler Chiropractic may attempt to aggregate reviews of private and public medical practices, medical insurance plans, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, medical insurance brokers and brokerages, health insurance agents, and medical consultants and health-care related marketing agencies & services. These reviews and opinions are listed along with the source, which the content is originally from in efforts to provide as much transparency into publicly available information including patient reviews and opinions of those products and services. Ressler Chiropractic does not support or endorse or validate the opinions or content from any 3rd party website or resource, and Ressler Chiropractic can NOT verify the accuracy or truth of any content on any 3rd party website mentioned, linked to, or appearing as an advertisement on any Ressler Chiropractic website or Ressler Chiropractic Software.


13. Terms of Reviews


Registered visitors and users must AGREE that posting any reviews of any medical practice must not infringe on any 3rd party copyrights or trademarks. Any statements that are untrue, defamatory, libelous, abusive, violate Federal HIPAA laws as well as state or Federal laws on patient data privacy are unlawful. Patient users also AGREE that they have actually consulted with or been a patient of said medical service or product of Ressler Chiropractic they are reviewing, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the review, post, submitted article or submitted image. All submitted reviews and other content become the property of Ressler Chiropractic. Patient Users AGREE that by logging in through Facebook or through Twitter, or by using your name and/or likeness, you agree that Ressler Chiropractic has the right to display such information publicly on our websites or on Ressler Chiropractic Software.


Ressler Chiropractic may opt to have their patient testimonials transcribed onto the web by Ressler Chiropractic's patient coordinators, the offices of the medical practices directly, or through Ressler Chiropractic Software. Ressler Chiropractic uploading, transcribing, or using Ressler Chiropractic's transcription & upload services AGREE that all patient testimonials submitted and published are accurate and have the patient's consent, and do not violate HIPAA laws or state PHI regulations and the ethical guidelines of professional associations including but not limited to: CCA, ICA, ACA as well as state boards and governing bodies.


Ressler Chiropractic reserves the right to refuse to publish any patient review provided at its sole discretion.


14. Submitted Content


Users AGREE that all submitted content, reviews, ratings, articles, opinions, forum postings, Ask Expert questions, links and submitted content (including image assets such as videos and pictures) are granted to Ressler Chiropractic under an irrevocable, perpetual license for publication or reuse. By submitting any content to Ressler Chiropractic websites or through Ressler Chiropractic Software, Users AGREE that Ressler Chiropractic may re-use and re-purpose the content for commercial or information purposes.


15. User Generated Content Disputes


Patient Users who believe their post, submitted article, comment, question, review or message was unfairly removed or posted may contact us at inbox@wbchiro.com

or fax us a letter at 650-615-9069 or by mail at:

Ressler Chiropractic-Removal

1133 El Camino Real

Suite 7

South San Francisco, CA 94080


16. Effective Date and Updates


This Terms of Service is effective as of January 1, 2016.


Ressler Chiropractic reserves the right to change the terms of our Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.


17. Appointment Requests


Appointment requests made on any Ressler Chiropractic websites or through Ressler Chiropractic Software constitutes AGREEING to give Ressler Chiropractic and its employees permission to collect PHI and, if so requested by the Patient User, initiate a conference-call to a participating medical practice in our network of sponsoring or non-sponsoring medical practices. Ressler Chiropractic may, at its sole discretion, offer the patient a conference call bridge or convey by email, phone, SMS or fax the information of a healthcare provider regardless of whether they are sponsoring providers, non-sponsoring providers or have no affiliation with Ressler Chiropractic.


18. Reminders


You AGREE that registering for Ressler Chiropractic or its family of websites, including any request forms or use of communications features, constitutes a request for Ressler Chiropractic Software or employees to send email, fax, phone call, or SMS reminders about upcoming appointments, special offers, and upcoming events. Ressler Chiropractic is not responsible for any text messaging or data transmission fees incurred by the User.


Patient Users can opt out of receiving any messages from Ressler Chiropractic by emailing inbox@wbchiro.com.


19. Accuracy of Content


Ressler Chiropractic does NOT guarantee the validity, accuracy, of truthfulness of any of its user generated reviews from Users, website visitors, or software users. Ressler Chiropractic does NOT endorse and guarantee the accuracy of any user generated content.


20. Using Ressler Chiropractic for Solicitation or Submitting Automated Requests


Screen-scraping, automated search requests by bots, or manually searching Ressler Chiropractic websites for medical practice information for the use of solicitation is strictly prohibited.


21. User Conduct


Users AGREE that any website content or experience that is the result of navigating to a 3rd party website or 3rd party resource or advertiser is not the responsibility of Ressler Chiropractic or its employees and owners.


22. Termination


Ressler Chiropractic reserves the right to terminate service, without notice, to its websites or online software or online databases at any time for potential or actual violations of our Terms & Conditions.


23. Limitation of Liability


The entire risk resulting from the use of Ressler Chiropractic websites or Ressler Chiropractic Software rests with the Users. In no event shall Ressler Chiropractic, its licensors or content providers or any of their respective officers, owners, directors, or employees be liable for any and all damages arising from the use of any Ressler Chiropractic website, software, or online assets including but not limited to software, SMS, email and web databases and directories.


24. Opt Out and Cancellation


If Patient Users decide to not receive further contact or communication of any kind from Ressler Chiropractic websites or by Ressler Chiropractic Software, they may make this request by contacting info at inbox@wbchiro.com.

Or Fax us a letter at 650-615-9069 or mail us at:

Ressler Chiropractic-Unsubscribe

1133 El Camino Real

Suite 7

South San Francisco, CA 94080


25. Jurisdiction and Governing Law


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Policy or the Ressler Chiropractic Website, including any alleged breach thereof, shall be resolved by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its rules. The place of arbitration shall be located in San Francisco, California and the laws of the State of California shall apply. Judgment on any award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. There shall be no right or authority for any dispute to be arbitrated as a class action and/or collective action either in Court or Arbitration, nor shall the Arbitrator have any authority to hear or arbitrate any such dispute. Enforceability of this Class Action Waiver may be determined only by an arbitrator.


These Terms and Conditions will not be governed by the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, and the application of thereof is hereby expressly excluded.